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C@ws Children's Questionaire 2016
Here are the results from the C@ws Children's Questionaire 2016

1)     What is your favourite thing about Caws?

Playing outside x 4

TV/watch moviesx 4

The people and the activities x 2

You get to Hamabeads

Like warm snacks and marmite on toast for breakfast

Likes cheerleading

Nice people/staff x 3


There are a lot of fun things to do

Year 6s can have their own space x 2

All the crafts and games x 3

All of it x 2

We get to do different arts and crafts every week and it’s always fun x 2

You always have fun x 2

Playing games with my friends x 3

Games table

2)     What games/sports do you enjoy playing?


Table football/air hockey x 2

Dancing/cheerleading/ribbon dancing x 9

Gymnastics on mats

Snakes and ladders

Drawing/colouring x 2

TV x 4

Hama beads x 2

Cooking x 2

Twister and boardgames x 2



Football x 4

Trim trail x 3

Tag/hide and seek x 3

Netball x 2

All outside play x 2

Tag rugby

Skipping ropes x4

Ball games x 5

Swimming x 2

3)   Would you like any other sports equipment for outdoor play?

Scooters/pedal cars/bikes

More skipping ropes x 3

More footballs/rugby balls x 6

Foam balls/tennis balls x 5

Hoops x 3

Bouncy balls 3

Cricket equipment for summer

Tents x 2


4)     What are your favourite indoor toys/games?

Hammer beads x 4


Action men (at home)

I'd like more information books at caws

Pet shop x 8

Board games x 7

Drawing x 2

Games table x 3

Dolls house

Card games



Making dens

Large poly shapes


5)     What craft activities do you enjoy best?

Painting x2

I don’t do craft

Making scenes

Making Christmas things x 2

Making presents

Making things rather than just painting and drawing

Making things x 3

Colouring and writing x 4

Hama beads x3

Charms and key ring making

Everything x 2

Making animals x 2

Making flags

Book marks and things that is based on the day e.g. pancakes on Pancake Day

6)     What other activities/games would you like to do at Caws?


Playing on the field more often x 2

Roller skating x 2

More puzzles

More white board pens

More range of art work

Pottery x 2

Gymnastics x 4

Singing and dancing like the Christmas party

Making paper Mache money boxes

Dodge ball

More play station time x 2

More cooking x 2

Table tennis

Lego people to go with the Lego

7)     Do you think it is a good idea to have a different area for the older children to use? If so why?

Yes: 19 No: 8 Yes/No: 1

Yes because its good for the younger ones to get some time without the big ones bossing them around

to have more fun with their friends

you can get away from the younger children and have a chill out area

so they have more privacy

the little ones can get a bit annoying x 2

because I like my own space

because they are older and want their space for year 5 and 6 only

because little children like to do something else

because sometimes they are a bit rough for the younger ones

I think it is a good idea may be one for each key stage

Because it gets noisy at times

No because the older children might like to play with the younger ones

Its not fair on the younger ones x 4

Younger children might want to go to where the younger children are

Yes/no because the younger children might get bored and the older children will mess about

8)     What time would you like the TV on?

11 children said all the time

2 children said 4 pm

6 children said after snack

6 children said after 5 pm

Rest of children left blank

9)     Do you like having an afternoon snack at Caws?

24 children said yes

4 children said no

Do you think we offer a good variety of food?

22 children said yes

6 children said no

1 child said you don’t get a good choice because if you don’t like it you can only have toast

What is your favourite food we offer at Caws?

Rice x2

Pretzel mix x 10

Beans on toast x 5

Cheese and crackers x 2

Pitta bread x 3

Pasta/spaghetti and sauce x 3


Party food


Cheese on toast

10)  Do you find staff easy to talk to?

20 children said yes

9 children said no – because they are a bit busy, or they are telling someone off,

Do you feel you can talk to them about any concerns you may have?

19 children said yes

9 children said no

1 child said depends on what it’s about

Are you happy to ask an adult for help? 

All the children except 1 said yes

11)  What activities would you like to do in the school holidays?

Swimming x 4

Lots of crafty stuff x 3

Go on trips x 4


Big art projects x 2

Climbing x 2

Ice skating and roller skating x 2

Hama beads

Forest school

Playing on field

Treasure hunts

Den making

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