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C@ws comments from Parents Questionaire 2016
Here are the results from the C@ws Parents Questionaire 2016

1)     1) How happy are you with Breakfast Club Facilities?

What parts do they particularly like?

Lots of cereal/toast including porridge and low sugar cereals

Early start and breakfast offered

Chocolate spread on toast

Some quiet time before school starts

The caring adults and the fact they can relax

All of it.

Colouring and the breakfast

Do you have any recommendations?

I’d rather chocolate spread was not an option at breakfast

This is only offered on occasions and is only offered to the children whose parents allow them to eat it.

More choice of drinks, Juice, or hot chocolate on cold mornings.

We currently offer the choice of water, milk every day and we have juice twice a week which is rotated weekly so all children get the chance to have this.

We would like….. to have the option of Weetabix or shreddies as they eat these at home

We currently do offer these alongside ready break and other cereals

Eating breakfast,loves her food

Crunchy nut cornflakes

2)      2) How happy are you with the After Care facilities?

What do they particularly like?

Craft activities

Friendly staff,things for the children to do

Year 6 children have their own dedicated space

Increased range of structured activities


Playing with friends

… Enjoys craft and cheerleading …. Is less keen as he doesn’t have many friends and feels there isn’t a lot to do.

The new activities

Range of activities, friendly staff that listen to concerns, that children get a snack

Crafts and outdoor play

There are lots of activities and the girls both say its fun

Making things and cheerleading

Very happy

Do you have any recommendations?

Limiting TV and ensure what they are watching is appropriate.

We are currently trying to not use the TV as often and if the children ask for it to be put on we encourage them to do some of the activities on offer first before TV goes on.

We monitor what goes on the TV to ensure that the programmes are appropriate for ages concerned so this will be citv or cbbc.

Splitting older and younger children – but appreciate space is limited

The year 5/6 children do have the use of the corridor area which is closely monitored by a member of staff, however as space is limited some evenings we use this area to do extra adult focus activities which all aged children are able to take part in.

Different focus for each night of the week e.g. games, cooking etc.

We like to offer a variety of activities each night so there is something for everyone to do, but we could look into trying this

More healthy snacks i.e. chopped fruit, cucumber sticks etc.

We currently offer these on different days

The girls would like more food as they always really hungry after school – have tea earlier.They have asked if they can bring in packed tea because of this.

We are limited to storage place so this could prove a problem

 5)    How happy are you with the breakfast wesupply?

        Do you have any recommendations?

May be have a hot day – beans on toast??

 More fruit/smoothies – no chocolate spread

 A small bowl of fruit is put on the table very mornings

 Would rather they didn’t have sugar coated cereals as an option

6)  How happy are you with the afternoon snack we provide?

Do you have any recommendations?

More fruit e.g. bananas to give energy

More pasta based snacks

Pick and mix isn’t a preference

Warm snacks or a proper sandwich would be great – and always a piece of fruit

….. may be a bigger eater but perhaps slightly bigger portions

Less cooked foods

Can the portions be linked to age??Do they all have the same size portion size?? What can they have now if they do not like it?? They always had a second choice

It never sounds like they have been given very much and they say they would like to have had more

…. Misses the old snack

More healthy option e.g. chopped fruit, cucumber sticks etc.

More food and earlier or can children bring in their own packed tea to eat.

Due to feed back from these questionnaires we are currently looking into alter the snack we provide for the children.

7) How well do you think the CaWS area is kept: Is it bright and appealing?

Much improved in recent weeks

8) How much does your child like coming to CaWS?

Sometimes ….. can be a bit reluctant to come due to some older children who he finds intimidating.

This has been dealt with and the staff are closely monitoring this situation so it doesn’t reoccur

Does your child talk about what things they have done at CaWS and what they enjoy doing the most?

They talk about what they have done with the staff

Yes always chattering about it and how happy they are.

Yes about chilling out and crafts they do

Loves crafts and skipping games especially in the summer

Yes drawing with her friends and watching TV are favourites

Playing outside

… Talks about craft and cheerleading … is less keen on the club so doesn’t say much

Meeting with their friends,crafting and treasure hunts

Craft, they both love all the making opportunities – good to have cheer leading, magic and ribbon dancing to vary activities on offer

Yes loves playing with his friends and loves the cheerleading

Any recommendations?

More of the same

Structured activities outside

Better range of sports in the summer i.e. cricket, tennis, rounders’ etc.

We are currently working on this area and will be doing more structured activities alongside free choice outside

Wednesday homework club

The older children very often have a table in the corridor area to do their homework if they choose to; this could be opened to all age children if they want to do theirs as well,

Please do give us parents feedback if need too – behaviour attitude of child etc.

We do give feedback to parents about children’s attitude/behaviour if we feel we need to

More activities for boys ascraft doesn’t appeal more physical activities

Currently we have done projects on the football which included making the FA cup, and playing football on the games table, designing football shirts etc. we also did about star wars were the boys seemed to be more involved in than the girls, I am hoping that with the results of the children’s questionnaires there will be more of an idea of what the boys would like to do

9) How safe do you think your child is when at CaWS?

The gate can be left opened

When we go outside we ensure that the gate is kept closed at all times and usually bolted, and a member of staff is quite near to the gate. However we are aware that when we go inside this doesn’t always happen as some parents don’t close it behind them.

Are you happy for your child to watch TV some afternoons?

Absolutely – they work hard and need to “flop”, it’s not their fault that their parents work. They need downtime, and having the choice to join an activity or watch TV promotes independence.

Yes in small dosage/moderation


I rather they didn’t what is appropriate for an 11 year old won’t be suitable for a 5 year old

I would rather she didn’t unless really tired – would prefer stories to be read or to sit quietly and draw etc

If yes do you have any preferences to what time and what do you consider suitable?


After snack

CBBC – when someone wants it

I like CBBC/factual programmes as they can learn a lot from them, but not Tracey Beaker/dumping ground as not age appropriate

As long as its age appropriate –mixed ages but up to year 6 is fine for all so the likes of CITV or CBBC and a“U” or PG movie

Educational programmes especially science and nature

I don’t let ….. Watch CBBC at home unless it is something like Blue Peter or an animal programme. I think m0000000000000uch of it is targeted to an older audience.

The TV doesn’t go on every afternoon and it only gets put on if the children ask for it, however we do encourage the children to have a go at the activities on offer first and this very often distracts them from putting TV on. When the TV is on the children tend to watch CBBC and this is monitored to ensure that it is suitable for the children to watch.

I would prefer this to be after 4.15pm but this is a personal choice and I am happy to go with the majority

Time depends upon how active he/she has been and what the weather is doing, children’s channels

Up to an hour as they might do this at home after school

Please write any other comments or feedback below…

We are very happy with the aftercare you provide – Thank you and we shall be looking to book in the summer.

Very satisfied – thank you

Are all the activities offered to all ages? Or invite older ones to “help” …… has wanted to join in with some activities but wasn’t sure he was allowed.

Yes all the activities are opened to all ages – we try and adapted them so everyone can join in

Thank you for all you do for M..

Any issues have been swiftly and professionally dealt with – thank you

I like seeing the children of different ages playing together, thank you for all your hard work

Could cheerleading be an option with others able to stay in the Caws room? I understand that if they don’t want to join in they just have to sit and watch or look at books which seems too limited.

All children go to the hall so no member of staff is left by themselves with any children. Majority of children enjoy joining in with cheerleading so the children who don’t wish to join in do look at books or draw pictures. One way around this we could use the table in the corridor area and the children who don’t want to take part could do an activity on there.

Thanks for being flexible with our bookings as it is a huge help

Thank you for looking after ….So well

Overall very happy with caws …seems to be very settled there and likes all the staff. Thank you

Very happy with the CaWS team and feel ….. is well looked after and entertained. Thank you

Thank you all

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