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Comments from the Parents Questionnaire Jan 2016

1)     1)            How happy is your child at the nursery and Pre-school?

What parts do they particularly like?

-Singing, playing with friends,

-Painting, playing outside

-Being outside

-Singing with actions, Garden time

-He seems to really enjoy messy play

-His sole carer, garden, playing with kitchen/home section

-Outdoor play, Snack time and meal times,Saltbox music and all the fabulous toys.

-Mud kitchen and variety of activities

-Messy play painting water etc

-Dolls, outside play, helping with babies

-Outdoor Play

-interacting with the other children, messy play/activities throughout the day.

Playing with other children and making things.

-Cuddles with Laura and playing with all the different toys.

-Being with his friends

-Doing messy and different activities that we don’t do at home , seeing friends

-Playing with the babies

-Seeing friends, playing, everything!

-The garden, painting, singing/ music time, the toddler room

He likes the staff

-……… and ……… both like the music lady. They both like creative work painting and making things. …………loves to be outside a lot. I think they will love the woodland walks and activities.

-Laura’s, looking at herself in the mirrors,music lady

-Garden, playing with new toy, kitchen, ride ons etc

-Interaction with friends, various activities esp- singing/ playing outside/role play

-Singing, creative activities, playing outside

-Everything but dropping off, singing songs

-Very happy when aftercare, but often upset in the am at moment as she says doesn’t want to go.

-His KP and friends and dinosaurs! We hear a lot about all of them.

- Outdoor space

-Show and tell, being a helper, reading and trying new things.

-Mixing with others, playing with train track

-……….. loves being creative and drawing, he loves all the experiments too, getting to make larva lamps and things I would never think to do!

-Building games, all outdoor activities, forest school

-Different zones of activities/toys, Messy kitchen/mud area outside, Trips to the park/outside, cooking, music lady,swimming in the summer


Do you have and recommendations?


LS-There is Lego for the children to play within the preschool unfortunately Lego is not suitable for the age of the children downstairs however they do have lots of blocks, duplo and mega blocks.

-Can we have diary completed please? We found this extremely interesting on exactly what …. Had been up to.

LS-This has been addressed with staff and they are going to make more of an effort to fill in diary’s daily.

-Outside people coming in is really good to give fresh perspective to kids(even if it is someone from upstairs).  Doing another activity outside of norm.  More music, puppet show, baby gymnastics,baby ballet?

LS-We do have the music lady come in

-Ready for transition to CAWS on school site will there be any opportunities for this over the summer term.

LS-There will be transitional visits to CAWS in the summer term. Parents will be told the dates of these.

-……. Used to really enjoy PE and forest school will these resume again?

- More time in the toddler room for the older babies, more stimulating and they enjoy being with others and in a bigger lighter space.

LS-PE still takes place on a specific day each week changing termly to allow all children to get the opportunity to take part.Unfortunately due to a member of staff leaving we have had to re train a member f staff but Forest school will start again the week beginning the 25th April 2016.

-More of the above activities

-No you are doing a great job!

-No I'm very happy with ……. Care.


-No – I'm just amazed at what you can all do!



2)           How happy are you with the quality of care your child receives?

- We had an issue with drinks and food but I think that has now been addressed.


3)           How much are your child’s interests taken in to account by staff?

-Not sure how to score this as unable to check?

-Unsure. I am unaware of how the day at Cherubs runs

-Tricky with so many children but I think there are more activities planned now which is great, it used to be a lot of free play which is fine but nice to experiment with new things and focus on the children.

LS-The planning is displayed in each room and your child initials are placed on this, At the beginning of the week there will be spaces on these but as the week continues the planning will fill up based on the children’s likes. Parents can also view this on the IConnect system. Any problems please connect Laura.s



4)           How regularly do staff communicate with you regarding your child?

-Daily diary, termly review

-Very helpful and caring

-Every time I pick …….. up I get a hand over which I like.

-Diary was sparatic but is now regular


5)           How happy are you to approach staff for help and support?

-Every staff member is always polite and friendly, very approachable.




6)           How comfortable do you feel to approach staff regarding your child’s needs?

-Recently spoke about Potty training which was supported, working full time I thought this would be hard however it was not



7)           How well do you think the nursery is kept clean, bright and in good order?

–Baby room is dark but limited by the building unfortunately.

LS-A new storage system has been put in the baby room to lighten it and allow more space.



8)           How safe and secure do you feel the nursery is?

-Please can you sort out the finger print system so I don’t get stuck on one side of the door.

-We have never had our finger prints done so always ring the bell.

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems entering or exiting the building. People dropping off before 8am or leaving after 6pm please remember the finger print system will not work after these times as it will have timed out.

-Baby room feels very safe



9)           How stimulating do you feel the setting is for your child?

-Different areas of play which I believe ……understands eg book corner area.

-Ready for school site CAWS

-The toddler room is by far her preferred space,more needed in baby room/more changes of toys for older babies perhaps.

LS-The younger children spend 2-2 and a half hours in the Toddler room a day 



10)         How good do you feel the outdoor play facilities are?

-Small, but you have done an amazing job with the space.

-Much improved

-Good use of space available.

-It’s so tricky in a village and when weather is so bad but I think the best is done with what there is.

-I feel the wooden logs are dangerous as when wet children can slip as mine has and knocked head. Also running around being in the centre can cause trips.

LS-The garden is risk assessed in the morning and before each group of children go out by staff. When the logs are slippery  or wet children are not allowed on these.

- Being developed , Much loved at the moment!

-     ……… Loves going outside and we have been delighted at how much time she gets to go out



11)          How varied do you feel the activities are when covering the interests of your child?

- Getting much better recently

-     -They know …….. Interests and strengths well. Plenty of opportunities for her to write which she loves at the moment.

-     I'm not sure on the activities ……. Does each day


12)         How reassuring do you feel parental webcam facility is?

-I don’t use it

-We have never been given a login

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

-Excellent- Love seeing that ……is happy playing.

-I don’t use it but good for those who want to be reassured

- I really like this facility

-Not very clear picture wise maybe improved?

-Used it at the beginning, but not at all now.

-But I don’t use it.

-It’s nice to be able to log on however not the best quality picture.

-Never used it, not felt the need.

-I don’t know- I don’t have the log in to.

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

-Don’t use it.



13)         How likely are you to recommend Cherubs Nursery and Preschool to your friends?

-Already have

-I do


14)         How confident are you that staff risk assess and do their best to protect your child?

-Difficult to measure as …… has always been okay.

- Don’t necessarily see this but we know they are protected from harm


15)         How efficiently do you feel staff deal with any concerns you may have?

-Never had to!


16)         How good do you think the new IConnect system is, with keeping you up to date on your child’s progress and what they have been doing at the Nursery and Preschool?

-As far as I am aware, we are back to written diaries?

LS-We still use the diaries and the A3 learning journeys, but staff also up date the IConnect with pictures and observations of the children weekly.

-I don’t ever use the IConnect system

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

-Is this the A3 sheet? If it is I thought it was v.interesting.

LS-We still use the diaries and the A3 learning journeys, but staff also up date the IConnect with pictures and observations of the children weekly.

- I cannot say on this as have not used it- advise on accessing and looking would be great.

Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

-Not had anything through yet.

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

-Haven’t used it do I need a password?

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

-Sorry haven’t really used it.

-? Don’t know what that is.

-I love it- it doesn’t get updated much lately

-Very Good

-Would like to see more on it

LS-Staff do try to update as much as they can

-Not sure, haven’t really experienced this apart from end of last year’s summer term. Is this used for aftercare?

LS-Yes staff do still upload pictures and observations

-I've been unable to access this.

LS-Please contact Laura.s. with any problems getting on to this

- I'm so ashamed that I don’t use it but feel soup to date each day  by staff and ………

- I have never heard about this – what is it and how do I access it?

LS-Staff update the IConnect with pictures and observations of the children weekly. Showing parents what their children have been up to and keeping them up to date with development.

Haven’t really used IConnect as it was pretty hard to navigate.

-What is this?....... We are still getting A3 paper progress reports love seeing the pictures, not so keen on all the text as just seems to explains the pictures which is a bit of a waste of time.



17)         How useful do you find the diaries?

-Book is sometimes not filled in, or only partially filled in.

-The diary is really useful, but sometime I don’t see it for a while.

- Hardly ever receive it however when I do it’s nice to see what ………. Has done for the day and what she ate/ bladder/ bowel movements.

-And I have noticed particularly since moving upstairs it is not used at all but progress reports are sufficient and any concerns immediately raised are dealt with.

LS-This has been addressed with staff and they are going to make more of an effort to fill in diary’s daily.

-No longer has it

-Love the diaries

-The diary is a brilliant system

-I think these are fab.

-Have never used but good to have available if parents need it.

- We love reading about her day, but there could be more variety in the phrases that are used- every day is ‘lovely’ which is great but hard to tell what she loves the most!



Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated

-If there are special events or activities then a letter coming home in the diary would be useful as I always check this. We have missed a couple of special days (swimming and a charity day) and it was because I hadn’t seen the notice on the door.

LS-This will be addressed and upcoming events will be put on the door and in diary’s

- We think you all do a wonderful job in looking after our daughter. Special thanks must go to Sue, Charmaine and more recently Laura (mum to Chloe) who always go above and beyond to help ……. Enjoy her time at nursery.

-Perhaps for special occasions, children could bring home a painting /picture/card for parents. We adore the bits she does in the diary and would love to put some others on our fridge.

LS-This has been addressed with staff and more art work will come home as well as being displayed in room.

-We would be happy to have recommendations of things to work on with ………at home in the diary too (not every day obviously!!) 

LS-On the doors to the rooms there are activities at homes sheets with ideas of things for parents to encourage  their children to do at home this can also be found on the IConnect.

-All your staff have been amazing with our girls thank you

Sian has especially been a great support and the girls adore her.

-Generally extremely happy with the facilities and care Cherubs provider.

-As ……… only attends 1 full day and 1 half day,we feel that …….. has settled really well and are happy with the care he has been given from the girls in the baby room. I feel comfortable leaving him there all day, so easy to chat to and approach with any concerns. Thank you all

- Thank you for continuously improving the standard of the care and the facility, really appreciated.

-We are really happy sending ……… to Cherubs, I never worry about her as I know she will be happy and well cared for .

-Preschool Baking (………idea)

- ………. Has settled v well and we are really pleased with the baby room and the staff.

-I've been really pleased with …….. progress at Cherubs, he’s come on loads since moving upstairs and he loves all the staff-eve those that don’t work with him.

-I find the girls really reassuring and helpful and knowledgeable and always willing to have a chat and go through any concerns I may have about …….. is he eating enough?, improving on his speech? Ect

-Very happy with all you do at Cherubs

- I'm just so grateful for the support you have offered ….. (and us) with this changeable time with our move and the arrival of……  You have been so kind to him and v.patient as I understand he went a bit wild. My thanks as well for having him for the extra sessions whilst I get to grips with the change myself.

- Not allowing poorly children would prevent spread of illness, tricky but she catches everything!

LS-We do have a 48 hour sickness and diorrea policy which can be found in each room and on the main door. Any children unwell are sent home.

-Camera working in the garden would be great

LS-This is being addressed

-Looking forward to more outside play in the summer.

-Texts or emails with photos during the day would be great

Unfortunately we unable to provide this. However the IConnect is very similar

……….. has settled really well and loves nursery days Thank you

                   -The baby room perhaps need’s more storage? For all the                                 coats/clothes/food etc but I      don’t know a where it would fit in.

                  LS-A new storage system has been put in the baby room to lighten                     it and allow more space.

-It would be nice to have more info about daily routines/ topics /phonics etc that is being covered

LS-This is all displayed in the planning in the room and on the IConnect (any problems getting on this please contact Laura.s.And staff are always happy to tell parents what the children have been up to in the day.

- It would be great if the parking policy could been forced/ parents not booked in for childcare discouraged from parking, so people who are picking up children from Cherubs can get a space. I appreciate that this is difficult.

-It is hard to keep cool in the summer months but maybe the air conditioning unit could be looked at?

- We love the painted foyer area and the new carpet

-We and ……. Love the staff at Cherubs :0)





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