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What's been happening

February Half Term

The theme during half term was super heroes 

The children enjoyed a range of activities:

  • Making 3D superhero letters - These were made using cardboard and tape, they then put on layers of white paper and the final layer was superhero wrapping paper.
  • Salt dough superhero handprints - The children made salt dough from flour, salt and water, they cut them into circles and made hand imprints, once dry they painted them.
  • Toilet roll superheros - Using different materials such as; wool, pens, paper and paint to make their own superheros.
  • Spiderman cakes - the children made cakes and decorated them with red and black icing to make spider webs.
  • Superhero plates and bracelets - The children used toilet rolls, plates, paint, beads and other materials to make these.
As well as inside activities the children enjoyed being outside playing games and on a walk to the wild gardens to explore to environment around them.

3D Superhero letters

Salt Dough Superhero Handprints

Toilet Roll Superheros

Superhero Plates and Bracelets

Spiderman Cakes

The children have all contributed to creating a large doodle canvas that is display on the window.

The children have enjoyed our Autumn topic by making a scarecrow.

To celebrate Halloween the children created a display board by making, a Halloween wreath, witch, conker spiderwebs, pumpkins and ghosts.

The children enjoyed learning all about remembrance Sunday. 

The children had great fun taking an old photo printer to pieces to see what it was made of and what made it work.

The children made flowers for their mums for mothers day using recycled material.

Thechildren had great fun making and wearing masks.

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