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Ofsted Report Sept 2014

In August/13 a member of the public raised a concern to Ofsted about incidents they had observed during a visit by a group from Cherubs to the park in Shipton-u-Wychwood.

This resulted in an Ofsted Inspector turning up at Cherubs on the 2nd September/13 and informing us that they were there to carry out a full inspection.

After a long day of close observations in all rooms and garden, staff interviews and questioning of parents and children the Inspector left and told us we will receive her report, with what ever grading awarded, in the post.

Bearing in mind that our previous grading only 5 months previously was 'Satisfactory' we are pleased to announce that our new grading is............. 'GOOD'.

As Cherubs was not due to be re-inspected before July 2016 we are very pleased that all the hard work that has taken place to improve has fortuitously paid off early. 

The report, attached, makes a very good, encouraging read ................. and again just re-iterates how professional and hard-working Cherub's staff are in their care and education of your children in helping to turn your babies into little people.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patronage and we promise to always endeavour to make your children's stay at Cherubs a most memorable and rewarding time in their lives.

Our very best regards,

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